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Ondo Deputy Minority leader, Hon. Akinribido gets dragged by ex-girlfriend on wedding day

Ondo state’s Deputy Minority leader, Hon. Tomide Akinribido was outed earlier today, May 8th which is his wedding day, by his ex-girlfriend who accused him of deceit and fraud.

The lawmaker representing Ondo West State Constituency, had taken to Twitter to share photos of himself and his new bride with the caption “Meet the Akinribidos“.

The lady, quoting his tweet alleged that the Honorable lied about wanting to marry her, after which he took all her money to fund his election and disappeared immediately after winning.

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She went on to claim that the lawmaker hinged his decision on not going ahead with the marriage plans, with claims of his mother being against his marriage to a non-Yoruba.

She tweeted,

This guy fraudulently lied to me that he wants to marry me. Took all my money to fund his election and disappeared immediately after winning the election. His friends and members of his family were in on the scam and they cheered him on.

After he had achieved his mission he sent @Bobbyoba to come and tell me that it was his mother who kicked against him marrying a non Yoruba. Every single thing Bobby told me that day I recorded it all.

Hon Akinribido, acknowledging the tweets, thanked his ex-girlfriend for the “free press” as he wrote in response,