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Missing twin sister discovered dead inside co-tenant’s car with her body peeled off

There was tragedy at the Olujodam Ado-Ekiti area of Ekiti State on Thursday night when the corpse of a 7-year -old girl, Olagoke Morire, was discovered inside a vehicle owned by a co-tenant.

The deceased and her twin sister, Olagoke Mokore, were with their cousin in their apartment before they went out to buy biscuits at around 1:15pm.

Once downstairs, Mokore remembered she forgot her money upstairs and so she hurriedly left to pick it. However, when she returned, she couldn’t find her twin sister.

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Their mother, Kehinde Ajayi, said the twin sister and neighbors raised the alarm and the situation prompted a search which proved abortive until 8pm when her peeled body was found inside a co-tenant’s vehicle that was parked in their compound.

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When contacted, the Ekiti State Police Public Relation Officer, Abutu Sunday, confirmed the incident, describing it as unfortunate, adding that autopsy would be conducted to unravel the cause of the girl’s death.