Woman goes emotional as her husband celebrates her birthday with an IPhone Gift, Money In Cake

A woman was left shedding tears of joy after her husband gave her a surprisingly perfect birthday treat.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the wife can be seeing trying to cut the cake but instead, she was asked to draw, as she was drawing a knot, she realized lined up notes was what she was drawing.

It did not stop there, they gave her knife to open the cake to her greatest surprise it was a brand new IPhone 11 pro inside and the proud wife could not hold back her emotions as she burst into tears of joy.

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See video below ;


Comrade Victor James writes an Open letter to the British Parliament and Queen

There are a number of reasons why members of BAME are dying disproportionately than the majority in the United Kingdom:

Immigration status

Members of BAME are likely to undergo visa stress, which is psychologically and physically affecting the possibility to withstand the pandemic because that alone is likely to weaken one’s immune system.

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In pursuit of this submission, those without indefinite leave don’t have access to state resources like that of the social welfare (claimant benefits and housing etc) so they are silently wallowing in pain, depression and negligence. Their jobs may be at risk this period, and may not fully understand their constitutional rights either to seek the furlough opportunity.

Not having their immigration statuses made official and not ‘indefinite’ is the benchmark for the death toll. Most of them work ridiculous hours to meet their immigration requirements, as a result what the home office did was a suicide and genocide for none UK nationals. The first thing that the Shadow Home Secretary should have done should have been to give everyone in Britain access to state financial support and security at this unprecedented time, irrespective of one’s immigration status. Arguably, one could call it fairness measures.

The truth is that no one cares if you are not a citizen or without indefinite leave. On this occasion the government is responsible for those who died on this appealing ground. The spouse visa rules which demanded 18,600 pounds from sponsor partner should have been suspended at this time as proposed by Labour during their opposition. These harsh immigration rules automatically put huge financial pressure and thereby lower the immune system and also most people from BAME might not have immigration document and are too afraid to speak out because of fear of deportation etc.

However you look at it the immigration rules and home office harsh policies, it was a constituting factor for the death toll. If you have no visa at this time you are likely to be afraid to seek medical attention, you are likely to foolishly die in silence.

Lack of staying well informed with national news

Most members of BAME community don’t read newspapers and have less time for TV news  due to their ridiculous working hours. Once they get home they are tired, they don’t have the time for newspapers or Newswatch, which is where one gets current information about social distancing and other health mechanisms to prevent the contagious virus.

Watching news should be encouraged in BAME community regardless of it being monopolies in the hands of media mogul like Rupert Murdock to influence British audience to support their political interest, party and culture. I would need the opportunity to address this problem in the labour conference because I am an author. Most BAME suffer from conspiracies theory and it blocks their reading intelligence and their open-mindedness to read and watch news and dissect the information before them. Word of mouth is the most influential way most people in the BAME community get their information, rightly or wrongly.

Lack of vitamins D

Most people from BAME community suffer from vitamin deficiencies, due to their DNA makeup. Again, if they were up to date with news, they would have realized the importance of boosting one immune system via vitamin supplements. Most information comes from the mainstream media regardless of its corruption.

Media which the BAME community never watch, due to long hours and nonchalant attitudes. I don’t blame them in totality because most of them would rather work than to claim benefits they perceived that as laziness culturally. Most of them don’t understand the importance of sunlight otherwise known as photosynthesis. Which is responsible for vitamin D. They came from warm countries and have completely forgotten that UK is the home of 90 percent winter.

Religion and faith

Most people from BAME suffer from psychological harm associated with their faith, please I don’t mean to insult or disrespect anyone’s faith here. I believe in having the right balance in faith and science. What do you make of someone who would rather pray than seek medical attention/support? Delusions of grandeur. Most BAME community members disrespect the importance of medical attention and put faith in higher powers ie god. Is foolishness.

This is the very reason why their continent of origin (Africa and Asia) have 90 percent churches and Mosques than medical establishments. Most of them believe too much in miracles even though their faith never gets them winning in a lottery win or progression in their ambitions. Some believe prayers would save them from the virus. It is very difficult and convoluted to advise people who are addicted to a faith mantra. If you are not strategical you might end up getting verbal and physical abuse from them.

Most of them go to their religious establishment frequently even though they have been asked to close churches and Mosques with regards to the pandemic. Faith is an addiction which encourages abuse in Africa and Asia by those who lead those establishments. The sort of abuse that is found in religious establishment: psychological, financial and sexual abuse. Above all is hypocrisy too.

They don’t help each other in the community and portray holiness in front like ancient European political exploiters in disguise as missionaries in Africa. Most of them live in a solitary state, five people are happy to live in a 3 bedroom house. Which is another apparent reason why the death toll is high too in BAME community in UK. They should make it a habit to visit their GP for medical checkups more frequently as they do with prayers.

Simply put, the immigration system, DNA, lack of information, lack of understanding the rules to staying safe and spiritual believes rather than science based facts, are some of the many factors contributing to the high levels of the death from COVID-19 in our BAME communities.

Most dying are also NHS and health care frontline workers, who risked their lives to save others. There should be outstanding recognition of all the key workers from the Queen and the British Parliament. A written letter from the above authorities would open many doors for all those who worked during this uncertain time. Recognition as an ambassador for humanity is such a great reference to be use anywhere in the world.

Warmest regards,

Victor James

Author’ “From Creek to Sahara: Voting Behaviour In Contemporary Nigeria Politics.”


When it comes to sacrifices made in marriage, I don’t think we men deserve to be on the same seat with women – Nigerian man says

A Nigerian man identified as Kelvin Odanz has shared his thoughts on which gender makes more sacrifices and contributes more in marriage.

According to Kelvin, although men make sacrifices, they are not comparable to the amount of sacrifices women make in marriage.

He also said that the crown goes to women because they put their entire life on the line.

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In his words:

“When it comes to sacrifices made in marriage,I don’t think we men deserve to be on the same seat with women abeg. “Women put their entire life on the line for marriage: pregnancy, childbirth, career, domestic duties etc.

“We men do our best, we provide. But the crown is for women.

“I think the only problem comes when the usual toxic group of women on Twitter try to rubbish the sacrifices men make. “Some men pull their own weight: toil for the family, even help out with domestic duties and raising kids.

“But it is NOWHERE CLOSE to women’s sacrifice. “Childbirth alone is a HUGE sacrifice. It could go south. And then carrying the pregnancy with all the hormonal change and body changes? “Then we talk about post birth depression? The effect of childbirth on women’s body?

“And sometimes how they put their career on hold?? “I appreciate men for their sacrifices ooo. My dad has hustled for the family, in fact he funded us like 80% of the time.

“But all the money he has spent in nothing compared to the sacrifice my own mother has made.

“I mean, my dad still helps out with domestic duties oo, till date

“If we start listing out what women sacrifice for marriages, most of us will just keep quiet for the rest of this debate.

“In fact, some women finish making all these sacrifices (cook, clean, childbirth etc) and still have to HUSTLE to feed themselves and the kids. No be Nigeria? “A lot of us men acknowledge these sacrifices and we don’t treat our women wrong in any way (wife,mother, sister, friends). We honour them.

“Our war is just against Twitter’s cultural Marxists who want to destroy the family unit by sowing seeds of discord between men and women.”


Nigerian men are in high demand abroad – Lady writes

A Nigerian lady identified as Adiaha Edidem has taken to her social media page to reveal the high demand of Nigerian men in ‘the abroad’.

According to her, no one asked her out while she was overseas except from a Pakistani as Nigerian men are in high demand abroad, and sometimes the female counterparts get forgotten.

She wrote on twitter ;

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“No one asked me out when I was in the abroad well except from this Pakistani and we know why.
Nigerian men are in high demand outside the country , sometimes the female counterpart gets forgotten.
So what do you do, start moving with white chics for you to be noticed.”

“You become active in RCCG/Winners church near you (Atleast you will meet a naija guy there) .
Strategic positioning on Snapchat and IG story,attend Nigerian parties.
The naija guy next to you doesn’t want you either, baba wants to secure his future so you can’t blame him.”

Mercy Eke Oluwa-Tosin Silverdam Viral

Blogger receives death threats for saying BBN’s Mercy is local

Nigerian vlogger and self acclaimed media expert, Oluwa-Tosin Silverdam, some weeks ago made a video where he dubbed reality TV star, Mercy Eke as being excessively ‘local’ and ‘annoying’ in nature.

His description of the model and brand influencer sparked outrage from her fans who stormed Tosin’s page to air their displeasure over his comments.

Tosin recently took to his page to share how one of these fans messaged him with “death threats”, saying they know his location and will find and kill him.

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Sharing his plight over the message, Tosin took to his Facebook page to write,

“This needs to stop, I’ve been getting death threats for over a week now just because I was outspoken about my opinion. I don’t like someone doesn’t mean I hate. I don’t like someone doesn’t mean I’m hating on the person, you don’t expect me to like everyone.

There are food, drinks and other things I don’t like, likewise there are people I don’t like as well. There are some people who don’t like me and I don’t see it as a problem because it’s not everyone that would like you. So because Mercy is popular now I’m not supposed to be vocal about my opinion.

Moreover, I don’t like Mercy please does that affect here bank account or does that stop her from becoming a multi millionaire? My dislike towards her doesn’t affect or add anything to her life. She doesn’t even know I exist, so why are you guys issuing death threats because of my outspoken opinion.

I’ve been ignoring and deleting these messages but this needs to stop. Mercy is not God, she’s also human being like me and you. Calling someone “Local” is not an insult. I posted the video out of boredom on my Tiktok page and I never expected it to go viral and she wasn’t even the only one I mentioned in the video.

I’m not even bothered about these empty threats but using “I’ll kill you” to troll someone is outrageous. My opinion is unpopular and I don’t think it is wrong to be outspoken about it as long as it does not cause any harm or ignites violence. This needs to stop…”


Covid-19: Excited Nigerian Lady shows off her Bed-space in the Isolation Centre.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the world as cases are still on the rise in Nigeria.

However, a lady who apparently tested positive to the virus has shared a video in which she seemed super excited upon admittance at the Isolation Center.


In the video she shared, the lady gushed over the air-conditioned environment and proudly showed off her bed space.

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Though the location and time of the recording remains unknown, social media users are wondering what exactly, the lady was excited over.

Watch video below;

Cute Abiola Viral

“Never give up” – IG comedian, Cute Abiola says as he shares throwback photos of himself

Popular Instagram comedian, Cute Abiola has shared some major throwback pictures of himself during his days of humble beginnings.

In the photos, the IG sensation who turned 24 recently, definitely wasn’t living his best life at the time and there’s a striking contrast between what he looked like then and now.

According to him, people shouldn’t give up cause there’s a reason. He uses his photos as reference.

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In his words,


His followers have since reacted to his throwback pictures as lots of them found the photos hilarious while some were grateful to God for his life.

See pictures below;


“I want to have a baby, give him to someone to train and return after 5 years” – Lady says

A Nigerian doctor, Ifunanya Igwueze, has shared her views on child training, and how she isn’t ready to be deprived of sleep by her child.

According to Ifunanya, she really wants a baby, but then, she doesn’t think she’s ready to have someone disturbing her sleep and study time.

Taking to Twitter, Ifunanya solicited advice from people who also feel that way about raising babies.

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In her words;

“I want to have a baby, give him to someone to train and return after 5 years. I don’t want someone disturbing my sleep and study time..

I may break down. Raising a child gives me more anxiety than pregnancy and labour. Do you have such anxiety? What should we do about it?”


“I confronted my Benin girlfriend about her flirtatiousness, she then threatened to lock me in a bottle if I breakup with her”

A Nigerian guy on Twitter has recounted the experience he had after he confronted the lady he was dating who hails from Benin, Edo state.

The guy, identified as @Manlike_sammy on the social networking platform, said in a tweet that the lady —whom he dated while in the university— was being flirtatious and when he tried airing his grouse to her, she didn’t let him finish before she dropped a hot slap on his cheek.

He went on to reveal that the girl —who is now his ex— had at the time, also threatened to lock him in a bottle if he dares breakup because of the situation.

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He wrote on his page,

“I remembered when I was dating this Benin girl back then in the university. I told her I’m not comfortable with the relationship becos of the way she was flirting with other guys, before I finished talking she gave me what i called a shout hard slap on my left cheek and went on to say despite her flirting she still loves me and if i dare end the relationship she will lock me inside bottle.”


Nigerian man bags medical degree in U.S. after applying eight times (Photos)

A Nigerian man who schooled in the United States is currently in a celebratory mood as he recently bagged a medical degree.

The achievement is quite special because he applied a record number of eight times to get into school.

The man identified as Oduyale, appreciated his mom for believing in him and is looking forward to the next great chapter in his life.

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Sharing the good news with photos of himself in graduation gown, he wrote;

“Send one to Johns Hopkins,” she said. “You never know what God is capable of.” 8 med school apps, 1 acceptance, and $300k later, I get to celebrate the sacrifices of many who have walked with me to this point. This one’s for you, Mum.. Doctor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins SOM. “Can’t wait to start another chapter of my career at @WashUSurgery under @PaulEdWise 🔪”

See more photos below: